CrossFit Butler

CrossFit BrickYard is very proud of DJ, Joshua and Ricky for qualifying to compete at Wodapalooza on January 13th to January 15th in Miami! Below is a video we created to support fundraising for our athletes. The last Wodapalooza featured athletes from 25 countries,...

CrossFit Strongman Experience

It's always a learning opportunity when you visit another box. One of CrossFit's charms is that each affiliate has the opportunity design a unique experience. Unlike the conformity of a franchise, the lack of  conformity allows for positive...

Better Nutrition = Better CrossFit Results

A few weeks ago, I spent two days at CrossFit Level 1 Certificate training. During one of the seminars, the instructor spoke about the responsibility of the athlete. This included: Dedication - getting to the box to train on a regular basis Movements - learning...

How Many Sports Have You Played?

During the past two-plus years, my focus has been CrossFit. While I’d recommend CrossFit to anyone and everyone, I don’t feel it’s necessary to suggest that it’s the best or only way. Everyone has their own passion and that’s what’s most important. In fact, my own...

Fall Down 7, Get Up 8 (and Onto the Podium)

Life will kick you in the ass from time to time and the past few years have been no exception for me:  2009 - My father died.  2010 - Diagnosed with kidney cancer.  2011 - My beloved golden retriever died of cancer.  2012 - Diagnosed with thyroid...


We did 'Angie' last night and I really wish that I had film to audit my counts and standards. I'm not a smooth athlete. Most WODs are like me waging a vicious fight against the reps. Did I really do 100 pull-ups? How many should actually count?

Muscles & Strength

"I know that you think that I'm here in a futile attempt to preserve the last vestiges of my vitality. While, in all honesty, I just like the look of muscle and the feeling of strength," said the older, introspective CrossFitter.

Real-Time Scaling

"I don't think of it as cheating on reps. I think of it as real-time scaling. We can scale, right?", said the free-thinking CrossFitter.

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