Ricky Landino

Ricky Landino


Squat: 360 lbs
Snatch: 225 lbs
Clean & Jerk: 275 lbs
Fran: 2:23
Diane: 1:54


CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
USAW Sports Performance Certification
Mobility | WOD Specialist

About Ricky

Growing up I was always an athlete. I played hockey and lacrosse as my two primary sports and once college rolled around, I needed something to give me that competitive edge again. Sophomore year of college I stopped into a CrossFit box and haven’t looked back since. I have found a true passion for this sport and along the way have been able to compete in numerous competitions and make lifelong friends. The two competitions I am most proud of are Wodapalooza 2017 and The VivStrong Weightlifting meet where I was able to take first place in my division, all to remember a dear friend of our CrossFit community, Vivian Dawson.

Passion & Motivation

CrossFit has given me the ability to play a competitive sport again, but it has also let me develop my coaching skills, which is another thing I have a true passion for. Growing up, my father was always my hockey coach, which made me want to become a coach as well; I just did not know it would be in CrossFit. I love being able to help people accomplish their goals in and out of the gym and give them a overall better quality of life. By coaching, I am able to take what I have learned throughout my career in CrossFit and give back to this incredible community.

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