Oskar Toro

Oskar Toro


• Squat clean thruster: 275 lbs
• Snatch: 250 lbs,
• Clean and Jerk: 325
• 2k row: 6:53
• Fran: 2:08
• Northeast Open finish 2017: 36th


• Crossfit level 1 certification
• Crossfit Kids certification

About Trey

Growing up I was a fanatic about soccer, playing on various teams from an early age until my mid twenties. I also experienced the adrenaline of lacrosse throughout high school. As I shifted from high school to the military, I continued my fitness journey by attending the gym regularly, incorporating lifting and running into my routine. Eventually I grew tired of the monotony involved in repeating essentially the same routine weekly. I was weary about change but knew I needed an activity to propel my lost interest in fitness. Luckily I came across Crossfit at the right time in my life around 2013. I was immediately hooked and found the challenges associated with all the movements welcoming. Even to this day I continue to seek progress in aspects of fitness as simple as moving better and increased mobility. Crossfit not only has helped shape the path on which my journey continues, but has also opened many new doors of opportunity and knowledge.

Turning Point

Around the same time I began CrossFit, I knew there were other changes that needed to be made in order to attain better heath. I was great at convincing myself that I ate exceptionally well, and also relied too heavily on alcohol as a means to escape the responsibilities of reality. I found myself working out at the gym to counteract my poor diet choices and consistent binge drinking. Around the age of 24 the eating and drinking began to overpower my time spent at the gym, and I could both feel and see it. Beginning Crossfit was step one in changing my lifestyle. Step 2 included experimenting with different diets from paleo, to Keto. Step three began with acknowledging my drinking problem, limiting the quantity I drink weekly to a reasonable amount, and eventually cutting out alcohol 100% cold turkey one day and never looking back. I am not against drinking, especially drinking responsibly, but I knew that for me, it would be an all or nothing choice considering my predisposition to alcoholism. This indeed was the major turning point in my life where I began to understand the power I held in shaping my future. I began to experiment with different food types rather than selecting one specific diet, and overtime I created foundational strong dietary habits. I shifted my societal settings to surround myself with many likeminded people. I learned that going against societal norms, like eating junk food or drinking alcohol just because it’s available, is okay because I care about my health and longevity. I learned I could still go out with friends and enjoy our time together without drinking, and choosing healthier items on a menu. Even more importantly I’ve learned the importance of moderation where applicable in all aspects of life. I truly feel that I have a firm grasp of my own health, and a better sense of body awareness, but this has come with hard work, persistence, and open mindedness.

Passion & Motivation

I became a medic in the army for the simple reason that I wanted to help others. I met many great people along my journey through the military, and knew somewhere deep in my soul that I aspired to help others directly after my military contract expired. I attempted the route of The EMT, but sensed my calling was elsewhere. Once I began CrossFit, I found myself assisting others upon learning and understanding new movements. Shortly after I attained my Crossfit level 1 certification, but didn’t begin coaching until I felt experienced enough with the vast movements in Crossfit. I realized quickly that I felt very comfortable and excited to teach others about movement patterns, fitness, and the impact on health. I knew that I belonged in a setting where I could teach others to be proactive in gaining control of their health, rather than in a setting where reactive measures like medication to combat cardiovascular and mental are preferred. I intertwined my desire to help others and passion of fitness with the help of Crossfit. I enjoy every day I get to coach others, because although coaching is technically a job, I do not feel like I am working because of how much I enjoy all the interactions. I strive to bring a sense of humor tied with knowledge to make workouts fun and effective. Helping people stay motivated and achieve goals is of the utmost importance, and I will always aid and assist any way I can.

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