Olivia Kitchens

Olivia Kitchens


Placed 2nd Globaly in the 2018 Festivus Games Competition
Dead Lift: 280
Squat: 235


Crossfit L1- coming soon
CPR- AED Certified

About Olivia Kitchens

I have always been active since I was young. I was on the swim team, soccer team, tennis club, competitive figure skating, dance, and the track team. Being active has always been important to me but most important being healthy. I am a travel junkie, Cooking enthusiast, and a crazy garden lady. In 2013 I began to see the sport of Crossfit on tv and said to myself, “I want to do that.” I have been obsessed ever since.

Turning Point

In 2013 I faced the greatest challenge of my life which was which the death of my oldest sister to cancer. I never thought that such a tragedy could impact my life and body so much. I became very depressed and hard on myself and was not eating healthy at all. I became obsessed with the newest and greatest trend of fitness and diets. Walking into my first Crossfit box at Crossfit Thin Blue Line was a game changer. It pushed me more than I could ever imagine. And it wasn’t like someone was forcing me to do it, I choose to work hard. It was the best feeling. I began to listen to my body and to express myself through crossfit.

Passion & Motivation

My purpose for coaching is to help people feel their best and to live a healthy happy life. I want people to know that when they feel at there lowest, there is a way out. That they are in control of their life path and are strong enough to get though the pain. I hope to aspire people to have fun, dance a little and get a good work out at the box.

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