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by Jennifer Harris, DPT – Rx Rehabilitation LLC.

Hey friends, in light of the burpee challenge this month it seems timely to talk pushing mechanics.

Overuse injuries are a real thing.

When you are looking to increase volume to 20+ reps per day, perfect mechanics are a must.

The body is smart and looking to turn off as many muscles as possible to conserve energy for big sets so you are going to actively have to prevent this from happening…if you don’t the bottom of your burpee can look like this…

Sad Burpee:

What’s wrong with this position? The humeral head (top of the shoulder) drops forward and down to the floor. In this position, the long head of the biceps has to work to stabilize you and gets irritated with every rep. The result: the bicep gets inflamed, otherwise known as tendonitis…no good.

Happy Burpee:

Squeeze your shoulder blades together! Start by bringing your shoulders back up towards the ceiling and away from the floor (see image to the right). Do this for EVERY – SINGLE – REP. If you lose it, take a break and do not start again until you are able to maintain an active back and shoulder position.


Good luck! May your burpees be happy and your shoulders be healthy!

-Jen 😁

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