We did 'Angie' last night and I really wish that I had film to audit my counts and standards. I'm not a smooth athlete. Most WODs are like me waging a vicious fight against the reps. Did I really do 100 pull-ups? How many should actually count?

Muscles & Strength

"I know that you think that I'm here in a futile attempt to preserve the last vestiges of my vitality. While, in all honesty, I just like the look of muscle and the feeling of strength," said the older, introspective CrossFitter.

Real-Time Scaling

"I don't think of it as cheating on reps. I think of it as real-time scaling. We can scale, right?", said the free-thinking CrossFitter.

We’ve All Seen Them

We've all seen them. They come to the box but they never actually do any CrossFit. They lay around, play around and mingle for hours but never pick up a weight. They treat the place like it's a social club and their own personal playground. Then somehow,...

100 Deadlifts 200 Sit-ups and 100 Calorie Row

Yesterday evening, I had my first massage in probably a year or more. It was awesome and my chronically sore shoulders felt awesome today. We didn't really do a shoulder intensive workout but it felt awesome to have much of the tightness and soreness gone. ...